Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blog Introduction

Welcome to the Network Programming blog.  The posts in this blog will be written to enhance and expand on the material covered in my book iOS and OS X Network Programming Cookbook.  While the book was written specifically for network development in the Apple’s iOS and OS X environments, the large majority of the material covered here will be applicable to any Unix environment.  I do apologize to the Windows community, but I do not own a Windows computer or a copy of Visual Studios so I will not be covering Windows network development.
Currently I am spending most of my spare time finishing up my book but once it is complete I will begin to focus my spare time on this blog.  I plan on adding both reference material and tutorials to this blog. 
If there are specific items that you would like to see or any suggestions about this blog please e-mail me at networkprogrammingblog(at)

Jon Hoffman

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